■ Specifications:

Solar Panel: 18V50W
Battery Capacity: 12V40AH
Controller: 12V/Max Current 6~10A
Input: DC15-25V(solar panel≈18V)
DC output voltage: 12V
DC output current: 1A (USB) + 3A DC

■ Size and Weight:

Solar Panel: 680 x 540 x 25MM; 5.8KG
Solar System Case: 305 x 195 x 205mm; 15.30KG

■ Working Parameter (under standard solar radiation):

4~5 STC hours to be fully charged
8-10 hours for 3 pcs 5W Lighting
10-12 hours for 2 pcs 5W Lighting

■ Accessories:

1) 12V5W*3pcs LED Bulb lighting with +6m cable
2) 10m cable for solar
3) Large current connector for solar input
4) User manual

■ System Function Diagram:

1) Solar panel and Solar charging indicator (Red is in charging, Flash is full)
2) Battery remaining capacity checking button
3) Battery’s remaining capacity indicator
4) Output indicator (red is power on, dark is power off)
5) USB 5V output interface
6) 12V DC output interface
7) Master switch