■ Specification:

Outputs: 12,450 lumens
Color Temperature: 5200K Typical
Power Consumption: 110W±10%
Input Voltage: 100-277Vac, 50/60Hz
Tilt Angle: 0°- 50° free rotation with 10 degree scale interval indication
LED Current: Switching mode and multi-channel constant current
Conduit Support: 1-1/2″ square pipe or 1-1/4″ round pipe, 2_5〃 round pipe Max
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
Dimension: 550 (L) x 610(W) x 410 (H) mm
Weight: 8.5 kg including clamping parts
Housing: Aluminum alloy
Operation Temperature: -30°C ~ 50°

■ Optical:

Employ Nichia LED, as bright as 130 Im/w for light source
Asymmetric wide beam pattern to improve brightness
Uniformity: Reach 0.400

■ Power:

Switching mode and multi-channel constant current
Over-voltage protection design and self thermal compensation to prevent overheat

■ Thermal:

Overheat protection will operate to adjust as LED module surface reaches 70°C

■ Luminaire:

IP 65 Design for dust and water protection
50,000 Hours with over 70% lumen maintenance
Designed and Manufactured in Taiwan
Tilt Angle for self-clean

■ Photometric Performance Simulation: