LiteTronix Optotek was founded by a group of industry leaders in Taiwan. Headquarter Located in Taipei and Manufacturer in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. Focus on LED/Solid State Lighting Product Development.  Distribute products to customers worldwide.

Our vision is to be a leader in providing quality LED lighting solutions to customers. Provide State-of-Art LED Lighting to Human Being to Meet Individual Specific Requirements in Terms of Illumination Performance, Reliability, Safety,Longevity and Cost with Comfortable, Delighting and Environmentally Friendly.


Behind LiteTronix’s LED products is a solid team of R&D staff dedicated to creating the most innovative LED lighting solutions that provide efficiency, longevity, reliability and performance. We try our best to understand customers particular requirements and fulfill them. In order to do so, our RD team consists of over 25 persons with 4 Ph.Ds, They are experts of Optics Engineering, Thermal Management,Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We have been awarded for over 20 patens. Here is a brief:

Optical Team: Develop optical lens for symmetric and asymmetric light pattern to meet all requirements. Patents were awarded to optical designs.

Thermal Team: Optimize thermal design to guarantee the LED life. Over-temperature protection design to auto-adjust the aluminum substrate temperature to ensure LED life and optical performance. Patents were awarded to thermal designs.

Power Team: Over 30 years power engineering experience for the team. Switching mode power supply with multi-channel constant currentdesign to drive individual LED series to ensure LED constant current operation. Patents were awarded to power designs.

Mechanical Team: Mechanical design to ensure luminaire to meet dust, water environments, safety requirements and provide heat dissipation while perform LED characteristics such as longevity.

Manufacturing :

ISO 9001 Certified

Located in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.